Testimonials — what our clients say about us

“I have had the pleasure to work with David Little, and he knows what he is talking about and how to put a deal together. I am impressed with the way he brings buyers and sellers together. He is really looking after the interest of the people he works with.”

— Ir. Ludolf W. Scherpbier
Engineer and Developer

“If I were in a Mexican jail, I would call David Little to get me out! He always gets the job done.”

— Paul R. Seegers
Past Chairman & CEO
Centex Corporation
Dallas, Texas

“In the fifteen years that David has advised us on Texas real estate, he has been a consummate professional and has always had our best interests in mind.”

— Marvin J. Suomi
Sr. Vice President and Director
Kajima International
New York

“When David Little handles a tough deal, he is there in person from beginning to end.”

— Robert Folsom
Folsom Investments
Former Mayor of Dallas, Texas

“Real estate brokerage in Dallas is very complicated because tenure and personal knowledge are so important. The one man who spans all disciplines is David Little.”

— Laurence Hirsch
Chairman and CEO
Centex Corporation

“When approaching a real estate transaction in the Dallas / Fort Worth market, whether buying, selling, or leasing, there is one person that I want on my side of the table. David Little.”

— Warren Clark
Warren Clark Development Company
Dallas, Texas

“Someone made the statement that David Little was the most honorable man he had done business with. They were right, and I thank you, David.”

— Dee Lincoln
Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House

“You are a true PRO!"

— Royce G. Hunter
President & CEO
Lone Star Life Insurance Company
Dallas, Texas